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Deadly Wildfire in California Claims the Life of More Than 40 People

Deadly Wildfire in California Claims the Life of More Than 40 People

The deadliest wildfire in California ever recorded, is happening and started to happen 2 weeks ago. The wildfires have started on October 8th 2017. Those past 2 weeks have been one of the toughest weeks for Northern California. Due to the fact that people have died or have to evacuate to avoid dying. Although some wildfires have been contained, some wildfires in the county of Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, and Napa, Solano 89%- 98% of the wildfire has been contained. The effects of the wildfire has resorted in thousands of people forced to flee their home and people dying;. The death toll keeps on rising, right now it has been reported that 40 people have died.

The wildfires that is currently happening in California are not man made, they happen naturally. That can also mean that climate change plays a role in causing the fires. They do not happen because someone accidentally left a candle unattended and the next thing you know everything gets caught on fire. They happen due to the amount of heat that the sun brings. The sun can dry up grass, which makes the grass more susceptible to catching on fire, according to HowStuffWorks . Once one tree sets on fire, all of the other trees around it can set on fire. The fire can overtake hundreds of miles, according to HowStuffWorks

Why wildfires are destroying so many homes in California

As the wake of the wildfire has displaced more than 100,000 people, and more than 5,700 people’s homes have been turned into black dusty coal. The fast moving fires continue to burn as the 79 miles per hour winds help it become more and more powerful. This is due to the hot climate that California is exhibiting and the increase of the climate and winds. It has been one of the hottest years in California, during the summer, the state had the hottest day ever recorded which was 134F.

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Since the wildfires have emerged, the death toll keeps on getting higher. Its affected an immense amount of people. 

Even though the wildfire has burned more than 180,000 acres of land, many people have been forced to flee to shelters. If it wasn’t for those shelters a lot of people wouldn’t have anywhere to go.

California Fires Leave Many Homeless Where Housing Was Already Scarce

Elk Community Center and the Marin Church of the Nazarene, are currently providing a home to those affected by the wildfire.  Not only are people offering a place to stay for those affected, many restaurants have been offering food. Don Panchos Mexican Food in Wildomar, which has given people (affected by the wildfire) free food. “People who have been evacuated..can come and have a safe place to sleep”. The Elk Community Center and the Marin Church of the Nazarene are currently that safe place.

More than 100,000 people have been forced to evacuate. Without the help of other people that have not been affected by this horrible event, those affected would not have a safe place to stay. “People open their doors for a lot of people to come in”. -The Marin Church. People have helped those families by allowing them to stay at their house (until needed).

Due to these wildfires people have been helping when someone needs something. Not only by donating money but donating clothing. The Marin church said that one of their contacts told them that it was going to rain so people needed coats to keep warm. “We collected a ton of coats”

One of the biggest ways that seems to let people know you are helping, is social media. It spreads the message of the people that are helping those affected. That is what the owner in Don Pancho, Mexican food did. He spread the word around that his restaurant was giving out free food, “The owner uploaded stuff on social media”. This allowed people (affected by the wildfire) from different parts of Northern California to come and eat free food.

As I got deeper in my interview with the Marin Church, I asked them if someone from the shelter had stood out to them the most. They said that a man had not planned to come into the shelter, but he had to because he was originally going to go to his cousin’s house. When he arrived “The cousin had 20 people in his living room”.

We have seen the kindness and effort that people put to help other people. Not only the organizations and restaurant that I have interviewed have helped. Everyone has helped in one way or another. When you help a community, it “feels really good to know that we are helping,”-Don Panchos Mexican Food.

-Nicole Fenochietto

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