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Translating Teacher Talk

Economics and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) teacher Guy Neal teaching his eleventh grade TOK class. (Courtesy of Shane Royster)

“Today’s going to be a work period.”

This is one of the few things that means exactly what it sounds like – a free period! This is when teachers can finally catch a few z’s. You can do whatever they want, they will not care! But be careful not to wake your teacher from their slumber or else you are doomed!


“This test was easy. It took me 10 minutes to finish it.”

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Run. Run away. This might actually be the hardest test you will take this year. Sure, maybe it was easy for them, but they also devoted their whole life and their first pet to studying this subject. ALSO, they created the test. 


“Time for new seats!”

Despite this only being four words, they are packed with so much resentment. It symbolizes the teacher’s desire to separate the very obvious couple in the back of the class, the pair of best friends that won’t stop laughing and that one kid who, no matter where you put them, will never stop disrupting class. Who can blame them, it’s tough out there!


“Today, we’re going to do a Kahoot.”

Now is the perfect time to release all of the pent-up rage you have over this class’s homework. You must do whatever it takes to win! Some tactics include copying the leader’s answers, taking the leader’s computer and throwing it out of the window and bribing people with food from the cafe. This will for sure make you win!


“Please remember to check your answers thoroughly”

Oh no. This is bad. If this, unfortunately, happens to you, you must dig through your entire test to find the mistake. Double-check everything: does one plus one really equal two? Does one minus three actually get twenty-one? (Hint: it doesn’t) Uh oh. Looks like the bell just rang…

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