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Pastry Review: WIS Parent Masters the Art of Macarons

The macarons on display at Olivia Macaron, located in Georgetown. The patisserie has a wide range of flavors to explore, from standard chocolate to lychee rose raspberry. (Tindra Jemsby/International Dateline)

Pale pink-and-white cherry blossom decorations are arranged in the display window of a storefront in a Georgetown alleyway. Inside, the counter is lined with macarons that match the decor, each individually stenciled with a delicate floral pattern or tinted with the iconic pastels of French confectionery. This is Olivia Macaron, a patisserie of intricate macarons. It was founded by Ana Claudia Lopez, a current WIS parent of Olivia Khoury Lopez, Class of 2029, who shares a story through her business. 

According to their website, Claudia Lopez was inspired by a “thoughtful gift of authentic French macarons” that made her realize there was no easy way to get the dessert in Washington, D.C., despite its large market. She took advantage of that opening, starting her store and naming it after her daughter. 

Currently, Olivia Macaron has several locations, attracting local and international customers. Their specialty is macarons, which incorporate traditional concepts with more trending elements. 

We visited the patisserie to review some of their menu’s highlights. 

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Red Velvet (6/10)

Although it has a nice texture and a good level of sweetness, it’s nothing special. It’s a reliable macaron for someone who doesn’t enjoy very sweet treats, yet not the flavor that Olivia Macaron should be known for.

A stack of the macarons we tasted. The second from the top is the red velvet macaron staying true to its name with dark red bases and pure white filling. (Tindra Jemsby/International Dateline)














Strawberry & Cream (7/10)

Unlike many other fruit-flavored desserts, the strawberry in this macaron tastes real and fresh. However, the freshness of the fruit affects the texture; the strawberry puree in the cream center has larger pieces that aren’t quite as light as the rest of the dessert. The cream drizzle adds a nice touch and appearance.

A top view of the Strawberry & Creme macaron. The deep pink color and the white drizzle add sophistication to its design. (Tindra Jemsby/International Dateline)












Cherry Blossom (8/10)

The must-try seasonal cherry blossom flavor is unique but not too unexpected, a sort of rose meringue that’s delicate and sweet. The floral aroma of this macaron is strong and pairs well with the nutty, sweet flavor. The shell’s texture is a little drier than the other macarons, but the intricate detailing of the pattern more than makes up for it.

A top view of the Cherry Blossom macaron. The intricate and beautiful print design may as well be placed in a museum. (Tindra Jemsby/International Dateline)












Hot Chocolate (8/10)

It has a rich and warm chocolate taste. Additionally, it has a thick consistency, which enhances the chocolate flavor. But it’s not as sugary as regular hot chocolate, so if you drink your hot chocolate for its sweetness, you may not like Olivia Macaron’s version. 


Salted Caramel (9/10)

The salted caramel macaron is the best one we tried. Olivia Macaron didn’t lie: there is a generous dose of salt in this, pairing well with the caramel dulce-de-leche-esque flavor. The texture is smooth but is paired with a subtly crunchy alongside, with a toffee-like consistency in the caramel filling. The only reason this isn’t a 10 is because it’s a classic, not a showstopper. You get a perfect model of what you pay for with this one, which means a reliable, tasteful, perfectly salted macaron with nothing incredibly flashy.

A side view of the Salted Caramel macaron. Don’t let the simplicity of its design talk you out of trying this delectable macaron. (Tindra Jemsby/International Dateline)












Visit Olivia Macaron at 3270 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

By Tindra Jemsby and Selena Said

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