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Review of Fresh Baguette’s Newest Location in Cleveland Park

Fresh Baguette’s selection of pastries (Oliver Dashwood/International Dateline)

Fresh Baguette’s new Cleveland Park location serves as a perfect place to grab a coffee and pastry before the first period of the day. Dateline staff members Ben Galbraith (BG) and Oliver Dashwood (OD) reviewed popular menu items in the months after the location’s opening, in February, and ranked each item out of 10.

Display of bread options at Fresh Baguette. (Oliver Dashwood/International Dateline)
Banana Bread

BG: Fresh Baguette’s take on banana bread was a good one. The taste wasn’t overpowering and the crust was a good contrast to the soft moist interior of the bread. However, the portion was small and not filling–especially for $3.90–but as a small snack or side, it is a great option. This pastry isn’t exceptional, but for those looking for a relatively healthy bite to eat, it could easily be satisfactory (6.5/10).

OD: Fresh Baguette makes a satisfying banana bread. The banana flavor is far from overpowering, being far less noticeable than in other banana breads I’ve tried. The bread is very moist, nothing like the dry texture you’d find in a supermarket product and similar to a homemade item (6/10).

Fresh Baguette’s madeleine. (Oliver Dashwood/International Dateline)

BG: I have never sought out madeleines and this one didn’t change that. It was very average with a thick, dry consistency. The madeleine had a tinge of lemon that didn’t really stand out. It tasted good but definitely not something I would order again (4/10).

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OD: I’d expect a French bakery to make a top-notch madeleine, and Fresh Baguette’s take didn’t disappoint. The outside was slightly crispy and the inside was soft with a perfect texture. The almond taste complemented the zesty lemon notes well. At $1.25 each, they’re a good option for someone on a budget, but you’ll want a few at least (7/10).

Plain Croissant
Fresh Baguette’s plain croissant. (Oliver Dashwood/International Dateline)

BG: In all honesty, the croissant was nothing special. I’m sure many of you have had exceptional croissants in your life and going to Fresh Baguette hoping for that quality croissant is asking for disappointment. Put simply, this was a plain croissant. The layers were consistent and the amount of butter was satisfactory but the taste was entirely colorless (5/10).

OD: Fresh Baguette makes decent croissants, but they are quite far from the perfectly curated Parisian delicacy that people imagine. The texture was uniform throughout. The fact that they had been out of the oven for many hours probably didn’t help their case. If they had been fresh out of the oven I probably wouldn’t have hesitated in giving them a higher rating (6/10).

Chocolate Chip Scone

BG: The scone exceeded my expectations regardless of the dry and thick consistency. This is common in scones, and I think they were able to find a great middle-ground for its texture. Additionally, the scone was covered in crystals of sugar which lent it a crunchy crust. This scone was satisfying and flavorful and it is something that I would definitely order again (8/10).

OD: Fresh Baguette’s version of a scone is very unorthodox – far from the kind you have with cream and jam in the U.K. Despite this, I went in with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised. The sugar crystals provide for a great crunchy crust and the dry texture is hardly off-putting; it simply crumbles in your mouth (8/10).

Californian Crogel

BG: This was my favorite item of all the options that we tasted. It was fabulous. The main meat was turkey and it was one of the best turkey sandwiches I’ve ever had. For those who aren’t aware, crogels are a cross between a bagel and a croissant. Coming from someone who doesn’t really like mayonaise, the sauce works great in this sandwich. It provides moisture to a meal that would otherwise be dry. Another highlight of the dish was the crogel bread. The texture was amazing and it was topped off with sesame seeds, completing the experience of the sandwich. Overall, I recommend this sandwich to anyone visiting Fresh Baguette, (10/10).

OD: For $12, the crogel had a lot to live up to. The turkey was quite bland, but combined with the mayo and the avocado, it worked very well but left something to be desired. The croissant-bagel outer shell was unique and had a pleasant texture. This sandwich is great for people who dislike heavy and dense bagels, and want something lighter in a similar form factor (7/10).

Passionfruit Juice

BG: The passion fruit juice was mediocre. If you’re looking for a drink that is very different from the ordinary, this is definitely worthwhile to try, but in my opinion, it was quite bitter. The passion fruit taste definitely stood out and it is a good option for those who enjoy sour drinks (6/10).

OD: I quite enjoyed the passion fruit juice. It has a slightly bitter taste that isn’t overwhelming, which is to be expected from passionfruit. It tastes fresh and lightly processed, without any additives, as shown by the sediment separation when we bought it. The passion fruit juice was imported from France, which explains the high price of $5.70 (7/10).


BG: This coffee was just your standard coffee, nothing exceptional about it. As someone who doesn’t drink too much coffee, I’m unable to make any real judgment on the drink but it definitely didn’t taste bad (5/10).

OD: As the coffee drinker out of the two of us, I thought the cappuccino was made from a very similar coffee bean mix to a Starbucks cappuccino, although it tasted a little lighter and with a weaker brew. Fresh Baguette’s medium size is identical to Starbucks’ “Grande” size (7.5/10).


Fresh Baguette’s Cleveland Park store is their latest addition to the DMV chain and a greatly appreciated addition to the community. The entrance on Connecticut Avenue is hidden away from view because of construction, but the interior is pleasant and a great place to work or study and have a coffee and a snack. The cashiers are extremely friendly and with plenty of food and beverage options, you’re sure to find something you like (8/10).

By Benjamin Galbraith and Oliver Dashwood

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