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November 2022 Crossword and Answer Key

Scrabble tiles scattered on a table. (Pixabay)
Scrabble tiles scattered on a table. (Pixabay)

Blank Crossword


1 Greek lord of the Underworld.

6 Pandemic…?

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9 Recently shortened rapper’s name.

12 Part of WIS, abbreviated.

13 Sound of mockery, e.g.

14 Nickname for a previous U.S. president.

15 Grill team, WIS__.

16 Newark-parallel route from Connecticut to Wisconsin.

18 Back Page podcast hosted by Derin and Andrea.

21 Sound of disgust, e.g.

22 Battery building.

23 Slither, Skribbl, Agar…

24 “Table” in Chile.

27 Congrats, you go here.

29 Apps or analysis, SL or HL, taught by P, M, S and B.

30 Everybody’s favorite Canadian Middle School Math teacher.

32 I ______ the Zoom call late.

33 Alas, not a state.

35 You have one per period.

36 Buck, Beck, Burk and ______.

38 Prep for 19 Down.

40 A friendly greeting, backwards.

41 Something that often splits; part of a pen.

42 Get out, underclassmen.

44 Point average shown on report card.

46 2022 Best Picture Oscar winner.

47 Long ago, archaically.

49 2D or 3D.

51 A 2017 Disney movie with a marigold underworld.

53 ‘Normal’ schools do this; not IB.

55 Hoco, pep rally, pied-faces.

56 Most-watched Winter Olympics form of Karin Kaneda’s sport.

59 In the event that; condition; supposition.

62 Acronym for drama elective.

64 2022 WIS Mock Trial theme.

65 Acronym for craft elective.

66 “________ llegó a los Estados Unidos hace treinta años.”

69 DP 4,000-word writing.

70 Commerce and finance class, abbreviated.

72 Eternal.

74 Often preceded by 12
Across; zone across from
the Prime Meridian.

76 “Essay,” phonetically.

77 ____ Pink, legendary Dateline Editor-in-Chief.

79 Crocker, Hannah and Coviello.

80 Wooden tub or pail.

82 In such a manner.

84 Affirmative.

85 International council featuring Thunberg, Yousafzai and Suzuki.

86 Incomprehensible number
celebrated on March 14.

87 Used in the intro to 76 or 69 Across.


2 You need this for archery.

3 Double helix.

4 Latin, and so forth.

5 Sometimes followed by 61 Down.

7 Sound of surprise, e.g.

8 One of the Devil’s favorite restaurants on Connecticut.

9 Fifth word of FRIENDS theme song.

10 Not the beginning, not middle…

11 Alternate name for WIS mascot.

14 The Bad Place resident.

17 Weaves together.

19 College admissions test.

20 A science class, in short.

24 Apple app for communication.

25 Italian volcano.

26 Helps; assists.

27 Second part of now non-existent thrifting club.

28 Senior zone.

29 “Mika Shino, WIS parent of two, got a call from Whole Foods this January offering to stock her ___ product in 192 US stores.”

31 IB café boss.

33 A South Asian person.

34 Fee, __, foe, fum…

36 Bach two skull knight.

37 Cars manufactured by a company in South Korea.

38 Sports league acronym; similar to the letters of a common plumbing pipe.

39 Latin suffix forming plural words.

41 Form of clothes bought effectively as described by Sofía Vakis’ article.

42 Stenographic Google app.

43 “Much ___ About Nothing.”

45 That report when your parents finally get to see your grades.

48 A starchy Asian plant.

50 Initials of singer-songwriter who recently released “Midnights” album.

52 Something that you aren’t if you get a Tardy Unexcused.

54 It gets shorter the more you use it.

57 Acronym of a Diploma Program form of examination.

58 Utilize.

59 Scanned in the lunch line.

60 Freshmen.

61 Full range of ______.

63 Highest card in a deck.

66 Cornell, two-column, e.g.

67 Problematic lunch feature.

68 Advanced level classes in Grades 11 and 12.

71 WIS mascot item of clothing.

73 ____ern Market, the “center of Capitol Hill.”

75 Student council for minority.

78 Acronym for school system where Denise Rodriguez now works.

81 “My” in Venezuela.

Answer Key for Crossword

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