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Is 6ix9ine the Greatest Thing To Happen To Music?


Is 6ix9ine the greatest person in the world? Maybe not. Is 6ix9ine a pedophile? Maybe so, according to US judicial court. But is 6ix9ine the greatest rapper- dare I say artist- to ever live? I think the answer is quite clear.

Daniel Hernandez, most commonly known as Tekashi 6ix9ine, or simply 6ix9ine, first gained popularity through SoundCloud in 2014. Over the course of the next three years, he began releasing songs such as “Yokai” and “Scumlife” which gained attention due to their “artistic” nature.

6ix9ine gained more attention on the internet over his extravagant and uncensored personality and looks and eventually became an internet meme, gaining followers on all social media platforms. Today, he has an immense following on Instagram, with 15.6 million followers.

Just listening to his music may cloud your vision of what an artist with the name “6ix9ine” may look like or why he would gain such a cult following and even be labeled a “meme”. So it’s important to take a good look at him.

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His clothing style and rainbow hair and grill, his mass amounts of custom jewelry and his almost poetic tattoos which he claims may be over 200 of the number “69”, are all strong representations of the clashing thoughts in the young artist’s mind.

He says that he “makes his own trends, [hes] making it cool to be a bum, to be poor”. Pure class.

His public persona is just as inspirational.

Prior to going to jail for a supposed crime of “racketeering arms” and “possible connection with shootings” (all of which our saint would never take part in #free6ix9ine), 6ix9ine would spend time giving back to his community and family.

He took a trip to Mexico where he was filmed generously donating $100 bills on the streets of his family’s hometown, meeting them, and just being an overall good guy.

But his generosity doesn’t stop there.

In a different video, he is shown handing out money to kids at what is said to be his mother’s old school. Even though he shouldn’t be near children, according to the charges against him, he still went and donated money to a bunch of young people.

He even went on to say “Even if they didn’t really care for what I said it felt so gooooooood seeing them happy”. So goooooooood indeed. What a guy.

He claims he never really wanted to rap but his friends told him he looked “mad cool” and that he began rapping for fun. Listening to his music you would never guess that he never received any proper musical training.

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When comparing him to many other legends of the game such as Yung Gravy, Soulja Boy, and Lil Pump, one is able to see how profound and advanced not only his beats and attitude are, but the depth of his lyrics and the struggles he has endured in his life.

“N***a, this is New York, make the wrong move
And the goons let the two spark, work hard and move salt
8 Ball like pool, h**s, cracked like the pavement
Diesel like the gas station, trap out the basement”

This excerpt from his song “ZKITTLEZ” is a representation of the challenges many face in the modern day and the dangers for the working class in today’s economy. Additionally, the simple enjoyments of life are highlighted in this verse.

He also claims that his song “SCUMLIFE”, with such lyrics as “f**k a n***a bitch, n***a, Scum life
I don’t give a f**k: I’m a pimp, n***a, Scum life”, means “Society Can’t Understand Me”. Truly a misunderstood artist.

In 2017, he dropped the single “GUMMO” which was so appreciated by those with a more refined taste, it reached 12th in the Billboard top 100. Should it have reached #1? Surely, but 6ix9ine thrives on competition and  wanted to level the playing field a little.

In 2018, he dropped a mixtape and an album or, I should say, two works of art. The first, DAY69: Graduation Day, was his debut mixtape and contained such classics as “BILLY” and “GUMMO”.

“BILLY”, arguably the best song in the album, is one of the most lyrically diverse and profound songs to date. Lyrics such as “whole squad full of f***ing killers, I’m a killer too” are demonstrative of his conflicting past and help many get out of tough times, especially the FBI agent who needed more reasons to imprison him.

More recently, 6ix9ine was working on multiple songs which, in November, he announced would be his first album.

Unfortunately as he was arrested for “racketeering arms” and “violating his probation” (allegedly, #free6ix9ine) his album was postponed indefinitely. But luckily for us, his album was leaked and officially released.

Many who listened to the new album describe many of the songs as “going hard” and “savage”, all indicators of the talent present in the song. A few of the songs even reached Billboard Top 100.

Even in jail he’s successful; an inspiration for us all.

Unfortunately, 6ix9ine seems to be going to jail for quite some time at the moment and so his genius will be trapped behind bars, and just as when Bobby Shmurda was jailed or when 2Pac was shot and killed, another lyrical genius is taken away from us.

But as 6ix9ine always says, “ITS F**KIN TREYWAY” and that’s what I think we need to hear at a time like this.


By: Nico Vallada

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