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Guide to Visiting Food in NYC


New York City. The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. The Empire City has an endless amount of names along with an endless amount of activities. Home to some of the city’s most visited tourist attractions for food-lovers, today we’ll be looking at some of the best places to add to your go-to list. Each and every have upped the level of competition in the NYC food industry and are worth a taste…



  1. Black Tap Burgers

The home to monstrous shakes and delicious burgers, Black Tap has started the revolution of Instagram milkshakes. Across Manhattan, there are 3 Black Tap’s scattered around, along with one in Vegas. Their shakes are perfect to split, but nothing wrong with having one on your own. Served in a beer-like cup, a regular milkshake goes as the base with some sort of rim around the cup, whether it’s chocolate, M&M’s, etc. Most of the milkshakes come with a WOW-factor topping like birthday cake slice, glob of whipped cream, and more with, what seems like, an endless amount of candy.  Their flavors go from peanut butter to cotton candy to black cherry to even fruity pebbles. Their unique names like “Bam Bam Shake” , “Brooklyn Blackout” , and “Sour Power” make the hashtag even better looking! Waits outside Black Tap can last up to two hours, but most say it was worth it. The trick to not waiting is to go right when it opens. Plus, you’ll get your food quicker.

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  1. Sunday in Brooklyn

It doesn’t have to be Sunday in order to  visit this Snapchat story-worthy restaurant! Their unique selection of breakfast items like a carrot & pineapple juice, bone broth, and avocado toast calls tourists to this place only 10 minutes away from the city. But their malted hazelnut praline pancakes is THE way to go! It’s what made the place famous and even got a video featured on the one & only Insider Instagram account. And if you don’t want to head out of the city to visit Brooklyn, keep reading! We have some more spots that’ll get you hungry and attracted to these burroughs.


  1. Confections

Featured earlier in a NYC Food article, this cookie dough spot is making its way to the top of places to visit. Although, it’s getting  easier to find ice-cream like parlors that serve cookie dough these days, visiting the original one is sure to be a tasty experience. The popping colors give off fun vibes and upbeat music make you want to stay and enjoy the cookie dough there. Plus, Chloe Lukasiak from Dance Moms visited the place to learn to make some!


  1. Milk Made Ice Cream

A follow up Brooklyn sweet spot is known for interesting but delicious ice cream combinations. They use chunks of desserts like chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cake and mix them  into the ice cream! Some are homemade like a berry cobbler but others, like their cookies, come from nearby bakeries. But be sure you visit when it’s open! Because their unusual business hours means they are only open Friday-Sunday from 1-11p.m.


  1. Ben’s Cookies

Despite debate on whether or not, Ben’s has the best NYC cookie, it’s still worth the  visit. Right on Broadway, their soft cookies contain globs of chocolate right on top. They cover a chocolate ball with dough so when you bite in, you’re in heaven! As they say, the more chocolate, the better! Flavors consist of ginger & dark chocolate, cranberry & white chocolate, and a bestseller of dark chocolate chunk. NYC was lucky enough to get a location after Ben’s was a hit in London, so head on over to the bakery with a 30-year old recipe.


  1. Baked by Melissa

One of NYC’s most common bakeries, Baked by Melissa’s covers the city with over 10 locations. Their bite-sized cupcakes make you feel less guilty when indulging in multiple! A 25-pack costs $28.00 and they are the perfect snack to bring to a meeting or anything that involves a large group of people. Along with mini cupcakes, Baked by Melissa sells their cupcakes in miniature, cozy bakeries!


  1. CoolMess

Walking by somewhere where you can MAKE your own ice cream is definitely not an everyday occurrence! This place is perfect for anyone who is picky on what they want in their ice cream but ,of course, amazing for anyone who loves the dessert in general. You choose between a chocolate or vanilla base and then choose on an array of toppings (also known as mix-ins) to decide what the ice cream flavor is gonna be! Marshmallows, brownie bites, chocolate chips, cheesecake, sprinkles… the possibilities are endless! What will YOU make?


Another place that isn’t food related BUT isn’t something you get to do every day …


  1. VR World

Virtual reality is taking over the gaming world! At this indoor, futuristic arcade, you can experience insane race-car driving. No matter what side you’re looking at, there’s something to see. Afraid of heights? Try walking across a plank that’s 480 ft above the ground (remember, it’s only in your mind!) and even jump off at the end! They use a small balance beam that’s only a couple inches off the ground to create the effect. Enjoy the outdoors? The thrill of rock climbing has come to the VR World!! Or you can even tackle on a zombie attack. If you’re a little more on the low-key side, head on upstairs where they have simple stories to follow. I personally visited VR World in January and it was 100% worth the $39 pass for 2-hours.


In conclusion, there’s tons of hidden cool spots in New York that are worth a try. And don’t worry, if you’re not planning a trip there any time soon, a DC food article is coming.

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