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WIS: A True DC Sports Powerhouse


All over WIS we see countless banners and trophies rightfully earned from the effort put forth by our athletic programs, and it’s time to analyze the history of our athletic accomplishments and how all this success has been achieved throughout the years.

Photo By: Sami Kattan

Students at WIS are proud to go to a school known for its many athletic achievements in the Potomac Valley Athletic Conference (PVAC).

Whether it’s a District Of Columbia State Athletic Association (DCSAA) soccer championship, or an upset in a PVAC basketball final, there have been innumerable times throughout WIS history where we have proven that we are the best, or among some of the top competitors in the region.

We see all around campus awards given to us for our sporting achievements, but not many students realize the underlying factors which may have lead to this award, or the pressure put onto the players in the important games.

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These things are difficult, and these many athletic achievements throughout the years should be recognized.

In the WIS campus there are approximately 56 banners illustrating championships from soccer, basketball, cross country, and volleyball teams which worked hard throughout an entire season in order to achieve an award.

WIS has had a longstanding history of athletic success, and is well known around the DMV area for the athletic capabilities demonstrated when matching up versus some of the best competitors in the region.

Photo By: WIS

WIS has won countless sporting championships and has seen most success within the sport of soccer throughout these years, not very surprising due to the strong international background of the students.

These achievements were no stroke of luck, it was the hard work and dedication from the players which lead us to become a true DC Sports Powerhouse.

Whether it be Varsity basketball, JV soccer, Cross Country, or any other sports program available at the school, winning games and performing well is no walk in the park, it requires immense commitment and persistence throughout a season.

Players devote time and effort for the schools athletic program and persevere through the ups and downs of the seasons in search of a championship.

Spending hours working on plays, developing stamina for the games, and establishing a team bond with fellow peers, takes determination and true desire.

Athletes around school devote hours towards practice, games, and team meetings on a daily and weekly basis. current varsity basketball player, Jakobi Haskell said “We train, we run, but we don’t stop until we’re told. We practice how we play, and that means 100% effort from every player on the team,”

It’s the appetite for success and triumph which drives these players to sacrifice their time to work and to train with the team. What we see on the court and on the pitch doesn’t happen overnight, it takes months of preparation and determination to want to succeed and be the best in the PVAC.

Photo By: Fabrice Gray

Having worked at the Washington International School for more than 30 years, athletic director and coordinator Tom O’Mara has dealt with basically everything to do with sports, and knows the ins and outs of our schools athletic sporting profile dating back to the early stages.

Notably, there are some players known in WIS history that have been recognized for the leadership and success they brought to the table.

One of the most important athletes in WIS history was a basketball player by the name of Lamar Haynes. When discussing Haynes’ retired uniform number 11, O’Mara described him as, “One of the best point guards in WIS history.”

Back in January of 1990, Haynes managed to score more than 50 points in a single game vs Islamic Saudi Academy, this not only won us the game, but it won Haynes a spot on the Washington Post.

It’s players like that which make a name for our school, and it’s key moments in games which are recognized by coaches, faculty members, and the proud student enthusiasts.

Students at WIS proudly show up to games, meets and other sporting activities to support the schools athletic programs through enthusiasm and school spirit.

The supporting audience is one of the most important parts of an athletic team, as the cheers and joyful screams of excitement give motivation to the players playing the game.

Whether it be getting on the fan bus, or sacrificing other prior commitments to be able to make it to these games, students demonstrate pride and desire for the schools success and prosperity.

When asked his opinion on school sports and spectating athletic performances, 9th grader Alex Gatti Roaf stated, “It’s still really hype to watch even if your not playing, because you still kinda get the emotional drive.”

All these things are key attributes and traits for a sport team to obtain, as they deals with the many characteristics required in order to ensure success within sports.  

Effort, enthusiasm, and will to play the game have lead us to these grand sporting championships and have allowed us to be recognized as true DC sports icons, through our various championships and banners earned from our performances.

Now it’s time for us, as a community, to acknowledge this success and thank our fellow peers, our helpful faculty members, but more than anything, our tenacious and determined coaches for the unwarranted aid they supply to our players.

By Diego Maldonado


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