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Teacher vs Student Pet Peeves


Fellow students, have you ever wanted to know what your teacher was thinking while they stared menacingly at you from across the room during class? And teachers, don’t you want to know the things that your students dislike the most about your class so you can, possibly, maybe… just change it up?

Below, you will find messages from your pals, both teachers and students. We gathered these messages from a Google form and Gmail. So… enjoy!


Mr. Perkins – Doing homework from other classes while in my class

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Nurse Jeanne – Use of word “like” in a sentence as a space filler when speaking

Ms. Holcombe – When kids ask “did I miss anything” or “what’s the date and time” before checking the clock or board

Ms. Tong & Ms. Adhikari – Asking to use the bathroom right after break or lunch

Ms .Strangfeld – Kids asking if the test (that was done yesterday) is corrected

Mr. Ell & Ms. Adhikari – Students using the electric or wall sharpener in the heart of a discussion

Mr. Baldwin – Students interrupting me while speaking during class

Ms. Chintha – When kids read ahead and then forget what events happened in which chapter so during a discussion, they spoil the book

Sra. Gorton & Ms. Wilson-Odhiambo- When giving instructions, hands are up with questions

Ms. Lin – Forgetting to charge device


When teachers turn every question into a in-depth answer that is unnecessary.

When teachers give you 3 questions and they all have subquestions.

When teachers say you didn’t hands something in when you are 100% certain you did.

When teachers tell you “it’s not that much” when they give you so much homework.

When teachers say that they only assign 25 minutes of homework a night but then assign 2 hours worth.

When your teachers tells you to only do 25 minutes of HW but they yell at you when you don’t finish all of it.

It starts to early.

Teachers not putting homework on On Campus and saying, the homework is on On Campus.

When friends talk about a secret SO loudly that everybody hears and asks to know what it is but then the friends are just like oh it’s nothing when it was obviously something.

Everything has to be “fair”.


Teachers assuming all we do “nowadays” is go on our phones, and not talk. Ughhhh

Teachers having different ways to organize from each other

When teachers drone on and on about something I already know, or that one annoying kid that makes life hard for the rest of the class and the teacher.

When we have too much homework at once and our teachers know about that.

When the loudspeakers repeat things many times.

The high school bell and the middle school bells.

When teachers won’t give a test back because ONE PERSON hasn’t completed it.

When people sing lyrics to a song incorrectly.

When teachers want to know the gossip of the grade

When teachers say the word peers WAY too many times

So pals, how do you feel now that you’ve read the minds of the teachers and students of the school. Email us at [email protected] or [email protected] for suggestions on future articles. FOLLOW MS DATELINE IN ALL OF ITS SOCIAL MEDIA!

By Abigail Bown and Sophia Rees


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