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New Science building, is it happening or not?


The historic preservation office shot down the idea of  the implementation of a new science building and garage. Tregaron administrators plan to fix their blueprint so they fit the criteria therefore assuring the implementation of the new building to be welcomed by everyone.

Although the Historic Preservation Board has already denied the ideas of the original model intended to be constructed. The administration is determined to fix the issues that sparked about their plans for the new building. They decreased the amount of space it’d take up yet the Historic Preservation Board still denied.

The Historic Preservation Board states that the plans need to be compatible with it’s original feel – “a country house estate surrounded by woodlands and meadows”. Which the new estates plans didn’t fit this criteria.

In fact this issue occurred twice with the new science building’s blueprints. The first time it was to big, but when they shaved down the height and width it still didn’t make much of a difference on the decision. They Historic Preservation Board mentioned an alternative, and offered to accept the idea of implementing the new building underneath the soccer field. Faculty and administration have been working to achieve this goal for months.

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As stated by Mrs. Berres, “We’ve made hundreds of different building but never got consent from everyone unanimously”. Although it’s important to make everyone happy it’s a difficult task to achieve.

This new building will be essential for our community but also for those trying to apply for the school and comparing wis to other schools. Many different school specialize in science and math or have implemented a new building dedicated to science to help interest more applicants. Not only does it help boost our reputation but it allows our curriculum to modernize, give more options and it makes the experiments easier to conduct.

“The science building is a difficult place to be organized and conduct experiments”, said by Mrs. Berres . The building is old and has many functions that aren’t what they used to be and need improvements.

            In the science building there have been many different aspects that have made learning difficult. Although they have the gas connected all throughout the rooms they’re not at the standard expected by teachers and students. Most of the systems in the building have been affected tremendously such as the air conditioning and heating. The learning experience is something that should be attended to and have more attention brought to it.

By: Samuel Savada-Stevenson

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