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Music At Wis: Enhancing The Atmosphere


Currently at WIS, there is a rule that prohibits students from playing music using the auxiliary cord in the gymnasium and near the field during lunch, but students are disputing the enforcement of this rule, as musical expression evidently presents no problem to the WIS community.

All over school during lunch, and after school you can find tons of different groups with speakers, clearly representing the schools love for music and the heightened value it can have on a school community and the atmosphere being passed around.  

During days where the WIS community gets together (ie.pep rallies, WIS bazaar, the back to school picnic, etc.), music is constantly being played to enhance the positive vibes going around during the moment.

But students at wis are questioning why they do not have permission to do this during school hours, when there is a free period, such as lunch.

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Lunches, specifically grill are some of the only moments throughout the week where the students, and administrators are together as a true community, and it is being disputed why music could not be implemented to accommodate this lovely moment shared amongst members of our community.

It has been expressed that the addition of music in and around the field, is said to bring a positive atmosphere, and enhance the ambience present for those enjoying their nice hot lunch.

The talk on the ‘useless’ enforcement of this rule was brought up last year, after a specific event struck tension amongst a certain group of students and the physical education department.

In October 2016, 9th grader Anders Westermann played clean music using the auxiliary cord in an effort to enlighten the moods, and boost the adrenaline of those playing down on the court.

Immediately, gym instructor John Crocker came out and sent the student straight to the Dean’s office for a direct punishment for violating the rule

Westermann described the rule as, “stupid, and completely unnecessary”as he feels students should not be prohibited to improve the ambience during a community event.

From the perspective of the students involved with the situation, and those who were in major disagreement with the outcome, the general consensus was that, whether it’s by the field, or on the court, students should have the power to express themselves through enlightened musical spirit as it brings out the best in individuals and presents no issues within the schools community.

On the other hand, Crocker, shares a different opinion relative to the students. Crocker feels as students should not have the power to play whatever they like, whenever they like.

Allowing music to be played during grill, would strike conflict amongst social groups in and around the school, as they would disagree with the genre of music being played(ie. Hip Hop vs Pop).

As well, though he agreed with the fact that it would bring positive sensations to those eating lunch outside, he feels as if it will take away from the learning stage needed to be set at WIS.

From a neutral perspective, 11th grader Christian Hill claims that the issue within being able to play music is completely unnecessary. Though he feels it would boost the atmosphere, and enhance the adrenaline of those at school, he claims that the rule is in place for a reason.

Hill said, “The rule is in place to preserve the learning atmosphere at WIS”.

Hill is an individual who will spend his lunch break on the court inside and outside, so his opinion is very helpful for determining whether or not this rule should be applied and if it is helpful for the stability of the schools environment.

Though this may seem to be a subject which will affect a minority of individuals, we have seen problems/conflicts in the past regarding more pressing matters solved with ease.

This problem is connected with the lovely event at Wis which is grill, and involves the accommodations students hope to be implemented for their own personal joy and comfort during lunch and after school while outside or inside.

Currently, there is a group of approximately 40 individuals in the high school whom use the courts, inside and outside for good fun, with more than 50 kids using the field during lunches, not to mention the people casually eating lunch outside.

Now, the question is if the removal of this rule will change the school’s appearance negatively and strike tension within social barriers at WIS.

Currently, there has not been many complaints to members of the ISU that students should have the power to play there own music on the aux cord, but let it be known that in the minds of several individuals, this is an inconvenience which should not be in place.

But until further notice, this dispute shall most likely be assessed and a final ruling shall be put in place when local administrators are persuaded enough to accommodate the students through the ability to play music.

But for now, the argument is not big or groundbreaking enough to cause any sort of administrative-student commotion, so until then, musical relations shall not be a notable aspect of the WIS community.


By Diego Maldonado


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