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Pie in the Face 2.0: Operation Smile raises over $1000 for children with cleft palate


On Thursday, October 5th, Operation Smile held their annual Pie in the Face charity event in which WIS students get the once in a lifetime chance of hurling a pie at their teachers and peers.

Operation Smile is a non profit organization that works to providing cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to children worldwide. They develop ambassadorships to raise awareness of cleft issues; sponsor a World Care Program for international cases requiring special care; develop and administer worldwide education programs related to cleft issues; and organize student leadership programs. The medical service organization was founded in 1982 by Dr. Magee and his wife Kathy Magee, and is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Photo by Kerri Redding

“Pie in the Face” has quickly become a school favorite, drawing involvement from the entire Upper School. Senior Jude Carver Kay shared his thoughts on the ability of the event bring students and teachers together.

“I thought today was really great and it really demonstrated the bond that the students have with the faculty,” Jude said. “It really speaks to the dynamic of the WIS student-teacher relationship.”

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Senior Sterre Jansen spoke to the event’s success at bringing the entire Upper School community together for a common altruistic goal.

“I think what Yousef and Jasper are doing is really great in terms of thinking of more creative ways of raising money by encouraging the whole school to participate,” noted Sterre.  “And getting the message out about Operation Smile really raises awareness for the children who are affected. Its great that we are not only having fun, but we are helping people out in the process.”

Photo By Kerri Redding

Each round of the event starts out with an open bid for each teacher. The winner gets to fill their plate with whipped cream, and heave the creamy mess into their face. Senior Felipe Aas, shared his firsthand experience pieing Mr. Markus, the Upper School Principal.

“I was standing there, a plate of whipped cream in my hand, I looked at him. Mr. Markus was sitting there in front of me, eyes filled with fear, clenching his fists, knowing what was coming. I took a step back to get a full overview of my victim. And as I saw a tear appearing in the corner of his eye, I took three steps forward and launched it,” he said. “The result was beyond anything I could have hoped for. The cream was everywhere; the masses were screaming. The terror was over. The opposition had lost.”

Senior Madeline Hawkins shared her tragic experience in missing her teacher, Mrs. Veres’ face when it was her turn on the mound.

“I was kind because she still has to grade my EE,” she joked.

The 2017 Pie in the Face 2.0 event raised more than $1000 towards surgeries for cleft palate repair. With each surgery costing only $240, that translates to the funding of roughly four surgeries. Club leaders Jasper Pearson and Yousef Auer spoke to the success of the event and the club.

“This summer we realized how fortunate we are to live in a place where healthcare is something that most of us have easy access to; whereas some people around the world aren’t so lucky.” Jasper acknowledged. “Many people in developing countries struggle to gain access to basic healthcare needs. I recognize now that we are in a position where a little effort from us, can completely change someone’s life it’s the least we can do,” Yousef added.

Photo by Kerri Redding

You can help fund more surgeries by donating to Operation Smile through their the club’s donation cup in the café or by going to the Operation Smile Website.


By Jair Alleyne

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