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IB Art Projects


Class of 2017’s IB Art Projects will exhibit a wide variety of works, from portraiture, to photography and even digital art. The two year projects, that were started in 11th grade will finally be completed and put on display. The pieces will be exhibited around the AAA building in early April for students and teachers to admire while they walk to their classes. Additionally (if you aren’t reminded enough by teachers) please make sure not to damage anything while passing through during the time of the exhibit.

A Piece by Laura McCarron

During junior year, students concentrated on: studio work, Process Portfolio and A Comparative Study. As they entered the exploration stage of their project, the students started looking for new ideas and inspiration through artists and art movements. Every year the IB visual art project consists of a wide range of ideas, from 3D art such as sculpting to 2D art paintings. In past years there have even been a couple stop motion videos.


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By the time 12th grade rolls around, the ideas and exploration have been put into structured plans. This transition however is not as simple or straightforward as it might seem. Mrs. Totten, one of the art teachers helping the students throughout this process says “the biggest challenge in grade 12 is getting started at the beginning of the year.” Similar to writer’s block, sometimes a challenge can seem daunting if you have a blank sheet of paper in front of you. To help them overcome this, Mrs Totten says that “we [art teachers] usually give them a prompt to get started and then the students take off.” IB Art seniors are currently working on completing all three of the components they had to concentrate on in 11th grade.

This Art Project is extremely important for students, not just at the moment but in the future as well. Seniors wishing to study art in college and pursue art as a career know how valuable this project is. Not only to have some credits on a college application, but to gain real experience in the art feild. However this art project isn’t solely for those who wish to pursue art, it is true as Ms Totten says that “many students have gone on to art colleges and art careers” but it can also be for anyone who has an interest on or enjoys art.

Though it is challenging, the Art Project is a time to see students thrive. Senior Laura McCarron, currently in the process of working on her chalk and charcoal still life says, “The artistic process always has difficulties and obstacles but that shows you where you have to improve and grow.” Teachers have given students few constraints and more time to be independent. The students are now testing the waters themselves, learning through trial and error. Art teachers say “This is the time of year when you can really see that the students are making connections, exploring new ideas and enjoying their work.”

Wish the seniors luck on their adventures in IB Art and with the artistic process. Make sure to stop and check out the exhibitions in the AAA building in April. Especially, make sure not to damage the artwork.

 by Celeste Bloom

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