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A Bright Future Ahead as WIS Hires New Director of IDI

Portrait of WIS’s newly hired IDI specialist Aldaine Wynter. (Courtesy of Aldaine Wynter)

The WIS administration has worked hard to strengthen International-Mindedness, Diversity and Inclusion (IDI) around campus over the past few years. By appointing Aldaine Wynter, a specialist in improving these qualities, as the new Director of IDI, WIS is taking massive strides towards refining the school’s overall environment. 

Wynter will be moving to D.C. this summer and will begin to incorporate his exciting plans for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Dateline sat down with Wynter to learn more about his background and beliefs. Answers have been edited for concision and clarity.

International Dateline (ID): Where were you born?

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Aldaine Wynter (AW): I was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica. I then moved to London when I was about four years old. 

ID: How did growing up in London affect you as a child?

AW: I think London gives you the opportunity to mix with a variety of people. 

ID: How did you get involved with this line of work?

AW: My first experience with IDI was when I was working for British gymnastics. In addition to my coaching, I was on the committee that looked at diversity and inclusion initiatives that were applied across gymnastics in the UK. 

ID: What is your favorite thing about this line of work?

AW: It’s the joy that it brings to students when they feel a sense of belonging, ease and welcome when they come to school. 

ID: What does international-mindedness mean to you?

AW: International-mindedness is all about understanding how we are all connected, and how we can build a sense of community through our shared similarities, but understanding that there’s beauty in the differences that we all have.

ID: Why is diversity and inclusion important? 

AW: I think [education] has excluded the voices of a large proportion of students. Therefore, there’s nothing more important than understanding your history and gaining a passion for understanding other people’s history in a non-biased way. 

ID: What are your early impressions of WIS?

AW: It’s an amazing environment. What [WIS] is striving for in terms of IDI is incredibly exciting. It’s one of fewer than ten [schools] worldwide to have an IDI role that is this senior. 

ID: What do you plan to incorporate at WIS?

AW: I intend to take my way of working, which is about being hypervisible and being available to talk to, bring in experts on campus that are going to be able to touch on different aspects and really give the affinity groups a platform.

ID: Do you have any pets?

AW: I have a little miniature pinscher dog.

ID: What is your favorite hobby?

AW: I really like contemporary dance.

ID: Are you an athlete?

AW: I competed in elite gymnastics for about 13 years, and I still like to keep fit.

ID: What are the favorite places that you have traveled to around the world?

AW: I studied and worked in Beijing and Shanghai so they are probably my favorite places in the world. Second is Thailand, mainly because of the food. 

ID: If you could meet anyone in the world, alive or deceased, who would it be?

AW: Barack Obama, without a doubt. I find his story and mindset inspiring. Also, by meeting him I would also be able to meet Michelle Obama. Secondly, my great grandmother.

ID: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

AW: Be happy.

By Derin Kirtman

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